New Digital Drug EP

I have been playing around with making some new style of electronic music.  Some of you may like it and some of you may want to stick to the mainstream until it gets popular but either way I like it.  This song is actually a remake of a song I did earlier last year but with more of a punch to it.


Here you go and keep a look out for new music coming soon!


Captain Morgan Freeman (free download)

It has been a while since I have updated this site but I will be updating a whole lot more in 2013.

I am not going to lie, I am disappointed that the world did not end but hey, what you gon’ do?


Here is one of the first tracks I have done his year and you can download it here!

It has a bit of a deadmau5 house type feel but you decide for yourself.

Captain Morgan Freeman EDM

‘Carried Away’ Passion Pit (Digital Drug Remix)


Passion Pit Remix

I have been doing a lot of remixing to try to get my game to the next level.  Here is one I recently did for Indaba Music’s Passion Pit remix contest.  Passion Pit is a great band with mellow vibes. They almost remind me of a super cool Shoegaze/80’s band.  I decided to put some harsh bass and chop up the vocals.  Let me know what you think.

Christina Aguilera ‘Your Body’ The Digital Drug Remix

Here is a little something something for all of you Christina Aguilera fans out there.  She is getting older and a little chunky but damn does she have a booty for days!  I would totally hook up with her if someone gave me $100.  Check out the video and the remix here:





Here is the soundcloud version:

M83 ‘Steve McQueen’ (the Digital Drug Remix)

I recently came across an M83 song that I just really loved but I thought hey maybe I can remix this song in my own style.  So I did just that.  This song is a lot like Midnight City and is in the same key so maybe thats why I like it so much.
Hope you enjoy the video


New track “Elton John Bennett Ramsey”

We are dropping a new track for you today.  This incorporates elements from deepstep/trap/hip-hop (whatever you want to call it, genres are soooo last year).





Gucci Mane X DeadMau5 X Nero – “Trap Talk” (TRAP Music MAshup)

I made this mash up in a caffeinated frenzy and thought it sounded really awesome and boy was I right!  I’m going to go ahead and call this real “trap” music because I have always liked Trap stars and what is considered “Club Trap” is kind of annoying with all of the damn snare rolls and blah blah blah.  Its real trap shit and I don’t care who thinks otherwise.  Go ahead and download it off my soundcloud.


“The Digital Drug Trap Mix”


This is the latest installment of the digital drugs podcast series.  We take it in a different direction by bringing elements of Trap music as made famous by Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka and others and mixing it with elements from dubstep artists.  I hope you like it and if you do please share it with your friends. ~C-Love




This is The Digital Drug

Hello!  We are currently working on our site so check back in very soon for updates and free downloads!